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Submission name on Grid View

Argento Dragone 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

So I ran into this this morning

Image 253

The thumbnails aren't indicative of the difference between these two submissions (there's a minor color tweak, but so what?)

But the submission name is indicative of the difference. The problem is, I can't read the full title! No amount of hovering over the thumbnail, the title, or any other portion without opening the link will show that full title name: "~Glamour Fluff Soft~"

Ah! Soft! Yes, I see now, the edges have been softened and the colors muted slightly.

Given that some artists put content warnings in their submission titles in order to warn "hey, this content might be inflammatory" at the end of the submission name, e.g. "Getting His Dues (warning: gore)" this inability to view the full title is a failing of the grid view.

FA handles this by using the span's title attribute (I edited the html just to get something that was long enough to exceed the span's maximum size):

Image 254

Warnings should be done via tagging instead, not in the name of the piece.

In general I think the name of the piece should display a bit smaller (allowing more space for longer names), atm it takes too much space from the thumbnail itself - especially because it doesn't only show up on hover anymore.

Alt text on hover is a very good idea tho!

Sure, tags are a good use for the warnings. Problem is that you can't actually SEE the tags from grid view, can you? ;)

Still, 18 characters is hardly long enough. I mean, even if we take something like Faun's submission from FA and move it over into FN, what's the title show in grid view?

Gosh. So informative. And yes, those two were actually submitted with those titles, I didn't even need to Firebug live edit.

Under review

I think this this is something we'd want to address before the full site launch - currently, there's not an easy way to view titles that are longer than the visual limit, and it should be fairly intuitive. We'll look into this and see what it would take to implement.