Better explanation of what counts as "fetish" artwork

Ziel Omizu 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

I was going to bring this up privately, but I've decided to make it public because I imagine there are others just as confused as I am!

I think there needs to be specific examples/a line drawn for what counts as a "fetish piece" and "artwork that might involve a fetish subject, but was never intended to be sexual".

Let's say someone draws a giant character. They don't have any genitals showing, there isn't any extreme focus on any part of their body; they're just a really big character. "Macro" is currently listed as a fetish, when it just means "giant"; does an otherwise non-sexual piece then count as worthy of the 18+ restriction?

EG, my own submission: https://beta.furrynetwork.com/artwork/1161831/stamp--on-the-ground/

What about fat characters? "Fatfur" is a fetish; does this make fat characters sexual? Is all artwork involving pawpads now "paw fetish" artwork?

I just think there needs to be better consideration for what the community considers "fetish" artwork. And, once we can safely draw that line, to do a better job explaining exactly when that line is crossed.


Ziel, I appreciate your thoughts on this. We've had this discussion as staff, and knowing exactly where to draw the line is a little difficult and will really vary for each different topic. In general, though, anything that leans towards being sexual will be considered fetish.

Let's take inflation, for example. There's a good deal of inflation artwork that could be general, especially those that are related to Willy Wonka and the blueberries. If there's an emphasis, however, on sexual body parts (whether clothed or not) or penetration that appears sexual, we consider it fetish.

Honestly, it's difficult to come up with one specific rule for every situation, especially since I'm discovering new fetishes every day on this site. If it's difficult to make a ruling, we'll discuss it as staff first, then make an overall decision. 

If you feel that anything you're submitting appears sexual, though, it's most likely best to mark it as mature or explicit.