Shouldn't be able to have views on your own posts if you view it multiple times.

Creek Leader 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

This may be a little nit pick, but I know there are plenty of people who reload their page to see how many people view their content.

It's simply to know how many people view their shit :I

I'd like to see it change someway, rather then knowing i reloaded the page 100 times and got that many views ;w;"

*Edit* I meant to focus on the posts for the Idea's part of the website, it's an annoyance to not know if your ideas are getting out thier or not.


Agreed, views by the content creator should not be counted. It just makes it misleading as to how many people have actually looked at something.

Another idea that I'd suggest in addition to this one is "Views" and "Unique Views" -- the former would tell how many times something has been viewed, and the latter how many individual people have viewed it.

Totally, it seems like a nit pick at first, but when you notice it then it becomes annoying.