Virtual points to gain and use

RyuuKishi 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

I liked the Idea from Deviantart to use´and gain points for usage like giving people lamas or such.

It would be nice if browsing the gallery or favoring artwork or anything else would give you points so you can for example use this to encourage a specific artist to be more active / draw more or whatever. (the intention of the DA Lama i suppose)

Maybe there could be more interesting stuff besides that i can't come up with right now though :)

Also would work good a s micro transaction items you can buy for other artists to show your appreciation. This supports the Site and the artist which is a good deal i guess.

Like becoming lama of the week or whatever : 3c

Oh and it would be cool for example if Artists would offer trading cards (limited set) who followers could trade or play with or whatever and you could buy them with these points.

It would also support artists that aren't not so known when they offer cards you can achieve and then trade with others.

You sir really like Lamas.

I sir also enjoy Lamas.

I'm sold, but in reality yeah, that does sound like a cool idea :3

I'd like to ask the Downvoters to give a feeback on the downvotes i am really interested in hearing it. :)


The llama thing on DeviantArt was started as an April Fool's joke, and it's generally viewed as something that's pointless but fun - they kept it around because people liked it. I think forcing something like this onto users wouldn't be welcome; organic inside jokes tend to go over much better. If there are rising trends, we'll of course keep our eyes open for those.

Also, we do not currently have any plans to implement micro transactions. They're the reason I hate Candy Crush. Micro transactions in a community can make users feel excluded from the full experience, and we'd rather not have things that are divisive.