Import Tool Does Not Retain Folder Classifications

farorenightclaw 8 years ago 0

I have 21 folders in my FA gallery, 17 of which are sorted into 3 categories (the rest uncategorized). The categories are Paid Work, Personal Work, and Recordings. When I ran the FA Gallery Import Tool, it gave me the folders Commissions, Personal Art, and Gifts and Trades. The first two, I do not have any folders or categories called that. The last one, Gifts and Trades, is a folder within the Personal Work category on my FA gallery. The Import Tool does not seem to have actually sorted any of the pieces it imported into the folders it created.

I feel fairly strongly that it should be importing all of my folders (even though FN does not seem to support categories - it should at least import all of the folders within them) and sort the imported uploads into the same folders they were in on FA. This seems like a grievous oversight, especially in the case of not importing all the folders (and apparently making up new ones, also). Please fix! I have nearly 3k submissions and recreating all of my folders and hand-sorting them seems rather daunting - considering it took me 3 solid days to do so on FA!