Some Submission publish status

HornsNTails 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Hey guys, I have some idea to enrich the submission status in furry network. I sent this as private topic before but the support admin told me to post it as Public so we can see the community feedback regarding this.

Currently we have these kinds of submission status which I feel it lack of some options.

Public : everyone can see

Unlisted : everyone that has link can see

Draft : only creator can see

Here are the list of change which I feel will enrich the submission status.

1. Change "Unlisted" --> "Private" - like in here https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/147-unlisted-vs-privacy/ basically it is the same thing with Unlisted right now. But I feel the term "Unlisted" is better to be suited to Unlisted v2.0 below.

2. "Unlisted" v2.0 : everyone can see it but it is NOT listed in the discovery page / main artwork (I feel this more fit to the name). I have this idea to respect this is Furry site but I have some human artwork which I want to upload to my gallery but I do not want to show up in the "Artwork > Popular -or- Fresh" -- sort of archives. (this is completely based on my point of view)

3. "Stealth" : everyone can see but it NOT listed in the discovery / main Artwork page and doesn't show up neither in Follower notification. This is will be good for Scraps - WIP, rough, something random or something silly.

4. "Group Only" : only selected people or group can see the artwork - https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/154-circles-and-sharing-with-specific-people/, which it won't show up in Discovery page, but it might show up in Follower notification. It might be very useful for creative process like collaboration or commission (WIP) . I realize this can easily be taken with file sharing like Dropbox etc, but isn't Furry Network suppose to be like one- stop for artist? So why not?...

5. And of course this will open a possibility for "Custom" with artist can toggle some parameter for the type - probably with more additional option which community (you all) can share your thought below.

Thank you for reading.


Thank you for the suggestions here. I'm looking through them, and I'm leaning towards this being overly complicated - users should be able to upload and submit something without trying to figure out all the different categories or ways to submit. Users do currently have the option to make images public without having them go in the main gallery, and that will likely address some of the concerns you have.

We are separately looking at an option to use scraps similar to FA; it's something a lot of users have wanted, and I think it would be useful.