Cycling through new submissions from the "What's new" page

Sebin Nyshkim 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

I really liked the "following" FN collection under the artwork tab, as it allowed for just cycling through pictures by only the users I follow, but it's gone. It allowed for easier browsing through the "What's new" stuff by just opening the pic in full screen and work through everything.

I know you can almost do the same by using the list view on the "What's new" page but it's clumsy and error prone: most of the time I fav/promote then delete the submission until there are none left, when I try to fetch new submissions it doesn't work most of the time and when I refresh the page they are all back. It is also rather non-existent on mobile devices and users have no option to cycle through images with ease.

By reintroducing the "following" FN collection users could cycle through most recent to oldest posted pictures only by artists they follow and use keyboard shortcuts or on screen elements (these are already/still there in the submission view for easy cycling and faving/promoting).

As an alternative: when a user opens a submission from "What's new" allow them to cycle through the rest of the pictures that would be on the "What's new" page (at least for mobile visitors).


The layout has undergone some significant changes over the past year; at this point, we're close to having it finalized. The "What's New" page is going to have all recent submissions from anyone you follow, and you'll be able to use the "Activity History" feed to view posts and promotes. This should be simple enough to quickly see what has been added recently.

We appreciate the suggestion, but in order to keep things simple, we're going to stick with those two methods of viewing posts by people you follow; if there's enough demand in the future, we can always reconsider changing it.