Ability to Share Characters

Strangely 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Wanted to see if anyone else you like to see this feature. Very close to actually the way tumblr shares their blogs. One person would make a new character and add another user through email or username. ( if you happen to not be a user of tumblr, you have both users ( or many users) have their own accounts. One will make a new blog, and add the others through email as an "admin" or " mod" Of that blog,it gives them the ability to post, edit, and share on that blog just as if you had made it your self, only thing you cannot do is delete the blog it's self, all much agree or leave the blog before hand)

This way those who have shared profiles, or say a secondary collaboration accounts with other friends or users, will not have to make a third account and just pass the password back and fourth.


While I think this could be a nice idea, I also don't see it being used too often, especially to begin with. We're going to pass on this for now, but if there's significant demand as the site grows, we can definitely look into it again.