If <<< PREV | FIRST | NEXT >>> is not supported, automatically delete from imported submissions

rickpgriffin 8 years ago updated by Argento Dragone 8 years ago 2

This is just a minor thing but <<< PREV | FIRST | NEXT >>> was unique to FA and wasn't supported on any other site anyhow, so could that just be automatically scrubbed from the submission descriptions?

I gotta say the importing makes a lot of art descriptions look really sloppy, which I understand it's going to given that things were uploaded to FA with the intention of working *on* FA. There are broken links in numerous images which I suspect will go unfixed indefinitely. While broken links are common, the Prev/Next thing FA had was never on a single image. If a person used it, they likely used it on many pieces in their gallery, so I can easily see how an automated detection would clean up a lot of broken links and be a huge convenience.


I'm much rather see the import tool attempt to fix the links. Prev, First, Next will all be submissions in the gallery being uploaded, so in theory the import tool would be able to convert those into valid links on FN.

Other links to submissions could be examined, and if the link is to a submission being imported (that is, its a link to another piece in the same artist's gallery) then that could likewise be detected and converted. All of these links would contain the submission ID number, it would just need to be checked against the list of IDs already imported, and if not found, cached and checked against the list of pieces yet to be imported.

It would be harder to update links to "go fave the original submission [here]," unfortunately. But those, as well as links to users, could be retained as links back to FA.