Choose what size of the image the audience gets to see, Only the artist sees the full-sized.

SpikedKanine 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Someone posted a suggestion that you get the option to remove the download button to make piracy harder.

Instead of doing that-- I suggest that we implement something like how DA has it.

On DA, you get to decide the size of the image that the audience gets to see. By doing this, I get to use DA as a sort of vault or archive of my full-sized images. I can go in and snag the full-sized image at any point in the future, but the audience cannot.

On every other website outside of DA, I have to create a smaller version of said image specifically for those websites. And since FN has this neat 'draft' or 'unlisted' option that already kind of works as a vault of sorts-- I think it would be kind of nifty if you could just decide how big the image is that the audience sees. Might also help out people who don't have programs to re-size said images? -shrug-

Dunno if anyone else really liked such a feature as much as me, but I decided to make a thread for it anyway just in case.


At this point, there hasn't been much of a demand for this feature - the great majority of people support downloads for the original size because of the quality you get from the image. There always is the concern with art theft, though, and we understand that; users are welcome to upload smaller images or make any changes that may help with this issue if they so wish.