Notifications: Links

Kihu 8 years ago 0

Just noticed that, on the notification page, you can't click the icon or username of whoever commented/favorited/etc - any click anywhere on the notificaiton just brings up the submission the notification is related to.

Would be really great to be able to say "oh! this user fav'd a piece! I want to go follow them!" and be able to do so without either manually searching or opening the submission page and going thru the favorites/promotes until you find the link you need...

Perhaps just an issue with the ordering on the containers? Like maybe the link on the container is higher up than the links to the icon/userpage/username? Would love to be able to open the submission w/a click in one place and open the commenter/faver/promoter's page with a click somewhere else.

Cheers! Thanks for having such an active community support section :)