Flash Multimedia Goes Beyond Borders

Gameroo 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

I'm not sure if it's something to do with my version of flash (CS5) and how it handles producing .swf files, but I'm hitting an issue when the contents of a .swf go beyond the defined size of the file. Usually the multimedia file's size on the page is determined by the metadata in the .swf itself (I think), and elements that roll over the defined size are essentially hidden. Usually it looks like this:


What's happening to the identical file when I upload it here, is that the flash .swf size seems to be set to fill the available area, instead of cutting it off or scaling the dimensions of the file itself. What I get is something like this.


Which, again, is the same file that I had uploaded prior to FA. Now, I know there's a few things on my end that I can do, like make my own border around the animation, but I'm not positive that's a good long-term solution. I've tried that here,


But if you scale the window down, it'll once again show the white background (which is the default flash stage background).

I think that this issue is specific to .swf files that come straight from flash itself - so while it's not a major bug that will affect a lot of people, I think that a fix should be pretty straightforward. Thanks for looking. ^^


I'm disheartened that no-one has replied to this yet, but as you say it isnt something most people are effected by. I have the same problem as you.

on FA the flash file respects the resolution but here it stretches to fill the entire screen which looks rather bad.



This is definitely along the same lines as the issue I'm getting. flash scaling to the borders is nice when it's an embedded video, like a .flv, but when it comes to things that require a static size, we get errors and 'revealed secrets' like in mine, or stretching beyond the intended resolution like in yours.

I'm just not sure how to bring more attention to this. :/