Ability to Pin Journals / Announcements to Userpage

Insomniacovrlrd (tom smith) 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

It seems we're definitely going to get journals in some fashion or another.

When we do, the ability to have the user select a specific one to always be the one displayed on the page is important. People use them for longterm announcements, project schedules (that they keep updating), as well as space to just permanently have a journal up.

Preferably, hitting whatever 'read more' link it has would bring you to a list of all journals, the pinned journal being where in the list you are carried to. This way users can browse through your previous journals, but cursory viewers of your page can still get the need-to-know information in your pinned journal at a moment's glance.


At this point, users do have the ability to feature a post on their profile. Featuring a journal would be the best way to do this. We wanted to make the profile page highly customizable so people can feature what they consider is most important.