Pending Actions

Vas 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0

I've been having some issues with the site not properly favoriting or deleting an item from the list of "Whats New", and having to click "favorite" or "X" multiple times to get it to do something, sometimes it turns pink but didn't actually do anything, while X doesn't actually delete because it loads the image again when I scroll down to load more (by the way, clicking load more does n work, you require scrolling down).

So I made some image examples of what you can do to show that the site is verifying your action before it changes to the next state;

Image 210 - Now, when you click Delete, this starts happening. When the site verifies that it has been deleted from your list, t will delete the image from your list. Perhaps you can collapse the image into a single line which just shows the title and artist and says "removing from list" with that icon at the end. If it fails, it turns red and lets you click to try again.

Image 211 - Now, when you click Favorite, this starts happening.

Image 212 - And this happens after the site verifies the favorite was successful.

Image 213 - Now, when you click Promote, this starts happening.

Image 214 - And this happens after the site verifies the promote was successful.

I took the liberty of providing these in aPNG format as well just to show off Animated PNGs, however the site apparently does not support aPNG, because it re-encoded the aPNG thatI uploaded and deleted the frames I added...

You can see all the source project files here however which includes the aPNG versions!

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/30270697/zip%26exe/FNButtons.zip (31.2KB)