Feedback Improvements

Vas 8 years ago 0

I much prefer the support home page "most requested" list, version of displaying current feedback as opposed to what happens when I click Browse All. It shows too much data and makes me feel overwhelmed with stuff when I go there. I want it all to stay collapsed like the front page shows it.

However, I also would like to see "Most Requested" changed to "Currently Popular" which will not show anything that has been fixed or where voting is disabled for whatever reason. And prior to it, should be a new tab (which is loaded by default) that shows the most recently posted newest stuff. "New Feedback". A 3rd tab after the Most Requested, would show "completed" stuff.

Each of these tabs would allow you to click "next page" so you can refresh that list with the next 10 or so in the list without ever leaving the home page.

However I don't mind this particular thing, so long as we can get the "browse all" page fixed up to be a little better in regards to the too much data issue it has with easy click buttons that allow you to filter things out that are tagged a specific way like "completed" "Planned" "planned after launch", rather than having to use that "type" dropdown list and view only one type at a time.