Custom YCH Pages

Vas 8 years ago 0

Add a new feature for YCHs that allows a user to start an auction and give a sample image. Instead of someone submitting art in the normal way and having people post their bids as a normal shout or comment, they would click a button to bid an amount with a buy out button there as well.

Now the artist that uploads and stars this YCH will specify a minimum amount, and a buyout amount. They will specify how many slots and name these slots too, and these slots will each show their own buttons. Perhaps you can also make it so they can specify a minimum and buyout per slot too. Example: 3 slot YCH with "Bottom" "Middle" "Top" slots where middle has a $10 less minimum and less buyout because the character is barely visible in it.

The artist can also specify a minimum up amount, so you can't bid $60.01 when the previous user bid $60. Say, the artist specifies a minimum increment of $5. Now you can add a +Min button, where users can click +Min and bid $5 more than the last guy with a 30 second cooldown on it both as a script that disables the button and server side so they can't simply refresh the page to get the button back. The amount should be actively updating too so that they don't click +5 when 3 other people had posted bids prior to him clicking that. I know that there are good scripts out there that can keep all browsers that have that page loaded synced with the newest number but, thats up to you.

When buyout has been reached, it locks that slot to the user who won it, and informs the artist that a slot has been filled. The artist can then discuss this slot with the user and decide if they should null out his bids or not. If he wants something the artist refuses to do for example, the artist can click "cancel bidder's bids" which forbids him from bidding again on the same slot and erases each bid he did, adjusting each bid before it accordingly or even lowering each bid between all of his to the minimums.

  1. X +5
  2. Y +8
  3. X +5
  4. Z +5
  5. D +12
  6. X +Buyout
  7. Artist deletes X
  1. Y +8
  2. Z +5
  3. D +12


  1. Y +5
  2. Z +5
  3. D +5

Yea, I'm bad at giving examples I guess. But I hope that at least some of what I have suggested here today would go to use, even if this last particular option here doesn't get used exactly as I described it. :P