Enabling of multi-tiered folders within personal galleries

Albino-Kitsune 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Currently, the 'collection' feature for personal galleries only allows for a single folder, with no way to couple or tier for 'folders within folders'. I think a rename to 'folders' would be better, as well as expanding what folders can do in the form of multi-tiered folders.

My personal use for this feature would be to sort my art by type, and also year. While I acknowledge that tagging the artwork with the details would suffice, I would still like to be able to personally group my art in this manner. As such, the ability to post art into multiple groups/folders would also be needed, if not already implemented. (If this idea is not preferable, an input field for year made, in the case of older submissions, would be appreciated.)

I can see this feature being useful for groupings of photos from conventions, and character art collections.


Hey, Albino-Kitsune. We're going to currently pass on this idea - there hasn't been much demand for this, and it might end up making the system more complicated than helpful. If there is demand in the future, though, we can look into this again.