Offer option for automatic favouriting when promoting content.

Karo_Zagorus 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

This way we don't have to click that many times.

Between, if we click twice, does it matter in what order do we do it? xD In my logic, if we automatically fave items what were promoted user should be more inclined to remove artwork as favourite if he do not wish to have it in his favourite collection.

The combination of options are the following as logic follows:

Faved + Promoted

Promoted + Faved

Faved and not promoted

Promoted but not faved

These are the actual combination users can do as of right now, and these take clicks, if promotion would come with a fave that would be one less click.

Plus, if user doesn't want the content faved they will remove the fave from the item, but if they do not like the piece of item in my opinion it is lot less likely that they will ever promote or fave the item. This way user choice is much more conscious.


Hey, Karo. There hasn't been much of a demand for this, so we're going to pass. If there is a demand in the future, though, we can look into adding this option.