Fix exposure by introduce normal-sized image browsing with keyboard arrow or A - D key integration.

Karo_Zagorus 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

To be honest, art browsing on this website kind of feels like I'm trying to dig myself out from the house during a tumbleweed invasion.

The hard truth is that some users don't have the patience to scroll all the way down just to be able to see art that was posted, it is very frustrating experience in my opinion and it doesn't help artists get exposure neither. And the thing that some users post their artwork and literally get absolutely zero views kind of makes us think that there is just basically no one browsing the website or takes absolutely zero interest in artists work or others submissions/characters/etc.

I would suggest a new system that allows users to seamlessly navigate around between art in scaled version, just as how we do on profiles, but this feature is virtually nonexistent on public artwork and even if we click on one piece of art it takes us right away to the artist or the owner's profile and we have to go back in order to view the items.

Of course there is this problem called as 'then the user who submitted the artwork won't get views on the pieces' which is understandable therefore we should make it visible for users whom took interest in the picture to immediately swap over to the gallery of the owner of the submission that they just viewed.

Imagine this the following way (lol my photoshop skills aren't best so use your imaginations!) basically open up any random image of a user who have more then one image, and there on the bottom you can see arrows with what you can immediately look around inside his gallery, now imagine this if you would open up fresh section of FN and start browsing around with the same method or keyboard shortcuts and still have the ability to in a snap switch over to the user's gallery of the current submission you are viewing.

With this type of browsing FurryNetwork could easily fix the problem view counts pose for us and create additional exposure for users who's art are literally piled underneath a massive pile of tumbleweed. (specifically other artwork that is good but yeah taste matters!)

I would especially suggest the same type of content browsing method for searches, but an additional quick menu could be added on the top bar to let users quickly navigate between pieces of art.


Hey, I hope you are well! The site has undergone some changes over time, and keyboard navigation in the main gallery has been implemented. I do think there are some things we can do to make exposure easier, and we'll keep working on those.