Wrong content priorities on submission page - can't see titles and descriptions

Athari 8 years ago 0

Most of the space on submission page is wasted. Only two or three words fit from the title, the rest is cut off. Description is hidden, I have to click to see information which an artist spent time writing and wants me to read. It's like saying, "we don't care about what you say, give me the damn picture!" It's disrespectful.

But the design fails even at this. It wastes more space on tags, suggested tags, information about lack of comments etc. than on something which can actually be interesting. Considering there're no standards on tagging (or I haven't seen any, like many others), tags are full of noise: synonyms, different word separators etc. Tags are in bold, two titles for tags are even in CAPS. How many people do you think will suggest tags? Many more than those who will read description? Most people won't even read them.

Okay, below all this garbage is "Other artwork". Relatively useful, though with random sorting probably less.

Then the list of huge avatars of users who "promoted" (= "publicly favorited") a submission. Who on Earth needs this? It's the most useless information ever, even for most artists.

Overall, priorities on submission content is completely wrong.

1. Tags should be small, on one single line, with a button to suggest inline in the end, not on a separate line. Tags shouldn't occupy more than 2-3 lines, they should collapse like description now. Collapsing button shouldn't be on a separate line too.

2. Title is absolutely top priority. Under no circumstances it should be cut off. And it certainly shouldn't be on the same line as "report" button.

3. Description should be displayed in full. Well, maybe collapsed if it takes more than 2/3 of the height, but definitely not collapsed to just 4 lines of text.

4. There's no need for "no comments" or "no community tags" nonsense. There's already a counter for comments. Suggested tags are colored differently.

5. Remove the list of promoters completely. Add a link at the very bottom if you want, but don't display this garbage by default.

6. Buttons to fav/promote/download/report can be put on the bottom panel which currently is 90% wasted space. You can even put title there, especially if you remove useless text from buttons (you display hints anyway).